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Jimmy Redstone/Angella Martinez Series

The Jimmy Redstone/Angella Martinez mystery/thriller series is set in the rustically beautiful, but sometimes treacherous, South Texas Gulf coast where the United States and Mexico rub against one another. Drugs, weapons and people seem to move freely from one to the other with seemingly no restraint. Dead bodies on the beach often portend more than a simple murder.


Become engrossed in the world of Jimmy Redstone and Angella Martinez as they take you into the shadowy world where very little is as it first appears to be. Separating the good folks from the bad is anything but straight-forward.

The Padre Puzzle

The Padre Predator

The Padre Paranoia

The Padre Pandemic

The Padre Poison

The Padre Phantom

The Padre Puzzle (ISBN 13: 9781453606797)

Jimmy Redstone, an aging Texas Ranger, is on South Padre Island rehabbing a shoulder that had taken a bullet from a partner. Redstone is pressured into unofficially investigating, as a civilian, the murder of a fellow Ranger found dead on the beach. Angella Martinez, a young rookie policewoman, draws the assignment of staying close to Redstone. As Redstone and Angella continue their investigation it becomes clear that activities far more dangerous than drugs are involved.

The Padre Predator (ISBN 13: 9781461154013)

Jimmy and Angella find themselves on a special assignment from the President: Find the security breach within the highest level of the government. Track down the rest of the terrorists involved in the A-bomb plot before they can carry out their plan. Keep the bomb (or bombs) from exploding. And keep it all quiet. It soon becomes clear that the murder is the least of the worries and that far more dangerous activities are involved. Who is behind the treacherous operations and what exactly is the target are key pieces of the puzzle. The biggest questions are: How can they be stopped? And who can stop them?


The Padre Paranoia (ISBN 13: 9780984678426)

A Zephyr military surveillance plane captures a brutal, methodical murder on a sandy beach 10 miles below. Then, a U.S. Senator suffers a fatal heart attack just as he is about to cast the deciding vote to defeat legislation that would drastically curtail the military. The President gives agents Jimmy Redstone and Angella Martinez two days to find answers to several questions: namely: Was the Senator murdered or did he die naturally? If the Senator was murdered, is there a military insurrection behind it? And was the Senator’s death connected to the murder on the beach? As Jimmy and Angella search for the answers, they stumble on the murder of the Senator’s underage girlfriend. In the process, Angella’s life seeming becomes dispensable as the various factions fight to preserve their invincibility.

The Padre Pandemic (ISBN 13:  9780984678488)

Angella and Jimmy are drawn into a drug investigation when a parachute carrying a dead man lands on the beach.  Their investigation brings them face to face with a killer from their past on the squalid docks of Buenos Aires where prescription pharmaceuticals are being loaded on an Iranian ship for transport to the United States. Imposters, impersonators and double agents abound in this international thriller that pits nations against each other with the United States helpless to intervene.


The Padre Poison (ISBN 13:  9780988915039)

Stolen art, a dead DHS agent, and hints of weapon-grade uranium being enriched at an abandoned mine in the jungles of Mexico form the backdrop to Jimmy’s and Angella’s mission to uncover exactly what is going on.   Mix the Jacks, ruthless Mexican couriers who would sooner slit your throat than talk with you, with impersonators, imposters, and possible double-agents, stir in a heavy dose of international double-crossing and the formula for disaster is all but complete.



The Padre Phantom (ISBN 13: 9780988915077)

Jimmy and Angella are thrust into the midst of a bank heist which netted forty-million in cah plus art worth well over a hundred million.  Their investigation is sidetracked when a devastating threat to the economic viability of South Padre Island is uncovered.

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