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Stand-Alone Novels

DAVID HARRY TANNENBAUM has published two novels:

       OUT OF THE DEPTHS, an in-depth look at survivor's guilt as experienced by a Holocaust survivor.

      STANDARD DEVIATION, featuring an Asperger's child who interacts with severall other people who deviate from the center line of normal.

Mystery Books

Writing under the name of DAVID HARRY, Mr. Tannenbaum has produced a series of captivating mystery/thrillers set on the Texas/Mexico border where very little is as it seems.



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Who I Am

David Harry Tannenbaum and his wife Mary live on South Padre Island with their dog Franco.  When he isn’t writing, David enjoys kayaking, biking, and traveling.  If David is off the island, he and Mary can usually be found enjoying their old stomping ground of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

David Harry - Mystery Writer

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